Hello. My name is Anneka Rogers. I am currently a Freshman in High School in rural Wisconsin. I enjoy to read, write, draw, spend time playing with my numerous pets, and spending time with my family.

I am also an openly lesbian woman. In the past I identified as bisexual because I wasn’t sure what my feelings were. I knew that I was having feelings toward people of my own sex/gender but I didn’t really know that it was okay to just be attracted to someone of your own gender. However, about a year ago now, I finally came into realization that my feelings were truly valid, and self-identified as lesbian. And about a month and a half ago, in March 2017, I decided that I was tired of lying by omission to the people around me. And when I decided that I came out. It was a slow process at first, because I had to explain my feelings to people over and over. It hurt some people who were like “Well how can you know?” To that I said to them that there are just some things that you know, and that this was one of those things.

As I have already said, I am currently a high school student in rural Wisconsin. This past fall I played on our first ever Girls Golf Team. I have to say for a group of girls, most of whom had never swung a club before in their lives, we did pretty darn well. I am also involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter here at my school. As well as the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA, our GSA). I am also proud that I am still a welcomed member of the Multicultural Club at my Middle School, even though I finished middle school last year they have still welcomed me to be a member of their group.

I also feel like I should say a little bit about my dreams of my future career. There are two things that I want to be for sure after I finish High School, and there is a third that I would like to do, but I don’t know if it is something that is right for me or not. One of those things is that I would like to be a Pastor (Christian Clergy). For me this is something that I have felt moved to do for several years. One year at Good Friday Services at church I was sitting silently during a quiet meditation time, and I heard a voice. That voice told me that I was a beloved child of god, that I was going to be making a pivotal decision about myself in the not so distant future, and that I was being called by God to serve him in the ordained ministry. I began to silently cry, because this was just so overwhelming, and I began to pray. In that prayer I told God that I was accepting that call to ministry, and I asked him if he could tell me anything about when I would be making the decisions that he had mentioned, as well as what those decisions would be about. I heard that voice again, and it told me that I was loved, and that when the time came for me to make those vital decisions, I would know it was time and what they were to be about. Then he asked me again if I would accept his call to ordained ministry, and again I said I would. But this wasn’t enough for him, he asked me a third time saying “You are a beloved child of God. And I am asking you, as your Father, your God, your Lord, to serve me as an ordained minister of Word and Sacrament. Remember those words that my Son, your Savior, said on the Cross ‘To you O’ Lord, I commend My Spirit.'” It was then that I realized that he wanted my full submission to his will, to his call to all people to be both sinners, and saints, and that he wanted me to give him my spirit, as Christ did on the Cross. Which I did so willingly, I said to him, still during this prayer, those words that Christ had said, to which He finally responded, “Welcome to the ministry Sister and Daughter. You will be well regarded.”  The other career path that I know I want to take is politics. I will be a politician at some point in my life, I do not believe that there is any question in that. Being a politician is so much more than sitting around in Washington. Being a politician is being a representative of the People. Being someone who is trusted enough to go to the legislature and state their beliefs and opinions, and to make decisions on behalf of not only the people who elected them to be where they are, but on behalf of the entire nation, because the decisions politicians make not only effects their constituents, they effect everyone.